Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I awake

It was a melody that kept haunting me, echoing in the distance and muffled by my own insufficiencies. The song was incompleteStarting off slowly, a bird would cooWaiting for me to play my part,it was a harmony I knew by heart,But when my world caved in,I decided I'd never winDepression had mastered.Two long years of perceived silenceFeelings overtaken with such violenceCaught in the cold, long winter of lifeBlanketed with nothing but strife...
But in a foggy haze I wakeTo a distant memory of a song birds cooOnly realizing it still sings to meWaiting for me to sing too...
And as I try my voice for the first time in so longIt trembles, as I try to sing my songSlowly i pick up the beatovercoming my defeat...Spring is sprung and I'm awareJoining life slowly, as I dare...Learning to live again my vibrant harmony begins

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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